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The first project with Verizon was completed in 1983. The Andover system was installed to remotely monitor and control primary mechanical systems in critical environment switch rooms. In 1990, Verizon Northwest signed a National Purchasing Agreement with BCS° and Andover Controls to provide standardized systems for energy management and access control. 

In 1997 BCS° become a member of a nationally recognized Verizon team to produce and implement control design & installation standards nation wide. To date BCS° has installed a combination of HVAC and access controls in 219 buildings located across Washington, Oregon and Idaho. 

  • 194 buildings are being controlled and monitored via dial up connection. 

  • 25 are on a Wide Area Network (WAN) supporting real-time, Andover TCP/IP system operations. 

  • 45 of these buildings have access controls supporting over 10,000 cardholders.



The initial project with Safeco was completed in 1986 at the Safeco National Headquarters in Seattle, WA. Within two years, the Andover systems was extended to control all primary mechanical systems. BCS° designed and managed the installation of Andover systems for Safeco in:


  • Atlanta

  • Chicago

  • Cincinnati

  • Connecticut

  • Dallas

  • Denver

  • Fort Myers

  • Indianapolis

  • Los Angeles

  • Minneapolis

  • Pittsburgh

  • Portland

  • Redmond

  • Spokane

  • St. Louis

  • Toronto

In 1997, Safeco signed a National Purchasing Agreement with BCS° and Andover Controls to provide standardized systems for access control and energy management. Safeco's Wide Area Network (WAN) is now supporting real-time, Andover TCP/IP system operations in approximately 40cities, supporting over 20,000 cardholders and recording and archiving 55,000 access events daily.


BCS° has recently converted the entire HVAC, Lighting and access Infinity system to the new Andover Continuum, including database conversion from single user to Local Area Network (LAN). An NT Server is used to support 3 workstations, including video badging for access and security control.